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Our philosophy

Food is our passion. Cooking inspires us. The challenge was to create simple and “unconventional” places where we could implement our core principle: love what you eat.

We think about cooking; in the same way, we think about our guests – with honesty. The ingredients are the most important. We know where our product comes from. We know and trust our suppliers. We want our guests to receive from us what we also expect from food – simplicity and full flavour.

Nasza filozofia

Our meat

We buy Polish meat directly from producers and befriended slaughterhouses. Our imported meat comes directly from the best producers in Australia, USA, Ireland, Uruguay and Great Britain.

When it comes to good beef, not only the breed matters. We control the breeding and nutrition of animals, their transportation, slaughtering and everything that happens to the meat afterwards. Under what conditions the meat is cut, seasoned and prepared for shipment.

We stick to the principle that good meat is the meat we know.


We season the meat “dry” for a minimum of 28 days. During this process, we control the temperature, humidity and airflow.

Seasoning gives our steaks a unique, expressive and deep flavour.


We take meat cutting very seriously.

We precisely cut large, non-standard pieces of meat into steaks of the right thickness.

Grillowanie i steki

Grilling & steaks

The menu includes a full range of steaks, including Rib Eye, New York, T-bone, Porterhouse, Flat Iron, Rump, Bavette, Chateaubriand and sirloin.

We love finding the highest quality beef for you, playing with cuts and grilling like no one else. The most crucial thing in grilling is roasting the meat, caramelization and the right level of Maillard reaction. And we’ve been sticking to that for years.

The Carnivore Manifesto by Butchery & Wine

We are carnivores. We love the taste of meat, we like to eat it in every form, and we do not despise any part of the animal. We respect the choice of vegetarians and vegans; being carnivores, we feel responsible for animals. Let’s eat less, let’s eat responsibly, let’s eat tasty!

Wine & bar

In our wine list, you will find almost 200 labels of white, red, sparkling and dessert wines. We import wines not only from large vineyards but also from small, less-known producers. We work exclusively with the best importers, e.g. Vini e Affini. We often know personally the winemakers whose wines we recommend. Our wine list has won recognition from the Michelin Guide and the wine trade press.

We serve only the best alcohols – Scottish single malt whiskey, American bourbons and cognacs that perfectly match the steaks. We have an extensive menu of classic cocktails, including Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Warsaw Martini, along with liqueurs from all over the world and bitters.

Our restaurants

Ferment Group

Butchery & Wine is part of the Ferment Group. We invite you to visit all places of our group.

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